Attorneys at Law / Prague / Czech republic


A progressive, relationship-driven firm.

Smed Jorgensen Attorneys-at-law is a progressive, relationship-driven law firm which specialises in business, corporate and tax law. Our clients range from multinational companies to private individuals, including industrial and commercial companies, financial institutions, private funds and cultural institutions. 

We have offices in Prague and a network of co-operating lawyers and tax advisors in Europe. We provide international and local businesses with tax-efficient legal solutions in English, Italian, Czech and Slovak languages.


We speak our client's language.

We listen long and hard to our clients. We invest time and energy into educating them so that they avoid mistakes. We are courteous, flexible and dependable. Differently from other law firms, we demistify the legal system and take pride in speaking plain language. Our lawyers work in a friendly atmosphere and love going the extra mile to handle the case to the client's satisfaction.


A discrete boutique, tailored for clients who stay.

Smed Jorgensen has built its reputation in 10 years of hard, independent cross-border work in western and central Europe, including several high profile acquisitions, mergers and litigation cases. Our clients belong to disparate industries - food & beverage, construction, military supplies, real estate - and most of them has never left us since we met them first. We do not advertise our clients' names, but we are glad to provide references upon request.